What do parents of our students think?

I have seen changes on my son, he now likes to share and wait turns

Ana Vega – Madre de familia del grupo de 2-3 años

My grand daughter is now more secure, assertive and is developing better motor skills

María Magdalena Inciso – Abuelita de alumna

With the pandemic, my son is finding ways of having fun but exercising and learn discipline at the same time

Marta Chavez – Madre de familia

Moo Do He is helping both, my grand daughter and myself, we are learning a lot

Margarita Bolaños – Abuelita de alumna

Lo que opinan los padres de nuestros estudiantes

The classes are fun and my son Bryan is always happy to come to class

Our son is very motivated, he is always asking when the day will be to go to the taekwondo class

Join Moo Do He, the teacher is very disciplined and knows how to teach that to the children